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What is Dental Protection Plan, Inc.? (DPPI)

Upon enrolling in this plan for a low yearly fee, Dental Protection Plan, Inc. (also known as DPPI) will provide you with a Supplemental Dental Insurance policy through which you are able to reduce your out-of-pocket dental expenses by as much as 20% for all covered procedures.

DPPI has been authorized to transact the business of a Service Insurance Corporation for Dental Care under Chapter 613 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Its Certificate of Authority (Number 000-53465) was issued by the Office of the Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance on August 10, 1987. DPPI was organized and is operated exclusively to promote social welfare and to establish a non-profit plan for dental care and other health care plans, as contemplated and permitted in Chapter 613 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

Wait!  If you ask, “More insurance?  Why would I want that?“, You’ll want to read on.  Our Dental Protection Plan (DPPI) is a really good deal.  Honest!

How does DPPI save up to 20% of my out-of-pocket?

Referring to the following diagram…

DPPI covers what your other coverage does not, up to 20% of the procedure cost.

For example, take the second bar shown in the diagram.  If the procedure cost $1,000, the regular dental insurance coverage pays $500.  DPPI covers $200 (or 20%).  The patient pays the remaining 30%, or $300.

DPPI costs $40 per year.  That’s less than 10 cents per day.  For the example above, the $40 cost of the insurance was easily surpassed by the benefit of $200 of coverage.  If that had been a family example, DPPI costs just $50 per year for the entire family.  That’s $10 per year for a family of 5.

Why would you NOT get this supplemental insurance?

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